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Empyrean is an electronic music producer most known for his combination of emotional, psychedelic melodies and progressions (usually performed by electric guitar and keyboard synths) synced with heavy basslines and rhythms. Empyrean is also known for his heavy use of choir vocals in his sounds, giving his tracks an epic, heart-touching sound, making Empyrean (the word literally meaning "of the highest heavens") one of the most unique audio artists out there.

Empyrean has also produced a number of other genres including hip-hop beats for local Chicago artists, as well as jazz, funk, pop, rock, classical, and even cinematic and video-game soundtracks.

In addition to his psychedelic electronic project, Empyrean leads the virtual funk music group Suited Connectors.

Influences include: Lalo Schifrin, Gramatik, Excision, Pretty Lights, Pink Floyd, Ludwig Beethoven, Aphex Twin, Lettuce, M83, Frederic Chopin, Def Leppard, Kill The Noise, Ramin Djawati, 40, Hanz Zimmer, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Azam Ali, Othos, Scott Storch, Ty Pursglove, Idris Muhammad, Herbie Hancock

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